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Review: Sleeping Beauty


Cleverly playing on the original story of a beautiful princess and her magical fairy godmothers, Hull Truck’s Sleeping Beauty tells the tale of Princess Briar Rose who’s set for a very long sleep.

Before the performance even began, the atmosphere alone had me grinning ear to ear. The colourful, cheery cast wandered through the crowd, dancing with children and adults alike whilst everyone else took their seats. As the audience settled and the show started, we’re hit with talent after talent. The musical Nannas can sing, dance, and play the piano, saxophone, drums, bass, guitar… When they said the Nannas like to party, they weren’t lying. It’s a full-on musical feast!

The storytelling of the Nannas is completely charming. Doubling up as secondary characters such as the Beauty, the King and the Queen, they share the story of the beautiful princess directly with the audience, as if we’re all sat having a giant, extravagant catch-up. Sometimes engaging the crowd in games and sing-alongs, there was a constant buzz and whisper of giggles throughout.

The second act brings a bucketful of twists and turns, reimagining the original fairy tale with a modern day pinch of realism. Hull Truck’s renowned creativity absolutely shone through the show, leaving my cheekbones aching for the rest of the night.

Filled to the brim with music, song, dance and laughter, it’s the perfect Christmas treat for the whole family, running until Saturday 9 January.

To book your tickets, call the Box Office on 01482 323638 or visit

Author: Morgan Mills, @Morganmillsx

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